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Our water level controller product story is rooted in the vital importance of conserving both water and electricity. We understand that water is a finite resource, and every drop saved is a step towards a more sustainable future.. Each controller is designed not only to efficiently manage water levels but also to minimize the energy required for water distribution, thereby reducing electricity consumption. By choosing our controllers, you're not just investing in smart water management – you're also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Ravi Kurup

I would give 100%to this product as I have been enjoying it for the last 11-12 years. The ground system was changed once since I myself opted for an upgraded version and once I changed the sensor as this unit got damaged due to heavy wind and fell down. Now for the last 6 years the system is giving continuous trouble free service. No doubt it save water , power and our time. I would like to thank Mr Ravi Nair an upcoming technocrat for his invention.

Mathu CN

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Sreekumaran Ullanat

Iam using Elwer make water level controller for more than ten years. Very much satisfied with the performance and is recommended to my family member.

Venugopal Mulanhur

I retired from service in 2017 and settled down in our native village, Chittur, a few kilometres away from Palakkad, the district headquarters.


Frequently asked questions

Which model is used for open well motor ?

Normally the Open well motors are switched ON/OFF, by using MCB or DP switch. Elwer WLC Premium2 model can be used here.

Which model is suitable for Submersible Pump?

If the motor is switched ON/OFF, by using ON and OFF Push buttons, OR a push button is required to be pressed for few seconds (two to three seconds) after switching ON the MCB, then Elwer TMR Premium2 model is suitable.

Which model to use for two motors (Main + Standby) ?

If two motors are there to be switched ON alternatively and no manual valve operation is required, then Elwer WLC-2MTR model is the right choice.

Digital water level indicator

Struggling to see the water level of Sump or over head tank by lifting the heavy lid of the tank. Wish to have a digital indicator ? We made Elwer DL15 model especially for you.

Clock Switch controller

Want to switch ON/OFF the motor at preset times? or preset duration with power failure time compensation? or cyclically? We are happy to serve you. Please call us with your specific requirement.

Can you Design - Custom build controllers? OR make Time Switch Controllers ?

Don't worry. we are here to help you.Please contact us at +91-9447331295 with your specific requirements.

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