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Our water level controller product story is rooted in the vital importance of conserving both water and electricity. We understand that water is a finite resource, and every drop saved is a step towards a more sustainable future.. Each controller is designed not only to efficiently manage water levels but also to minimize the energy required for water distribution, thereby reducing electricity consumption. By choosing our controllers, you're not just investing in smart water management – you're also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Elwer Systems

Elwer Systems, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Company, was set up in 2004, at Calicut, Kerala, India. After doing extensive R&D commercial production started only in year 2007. Several years of experience and commitment to deliver innovative quality products have made us the best manufacturer of water management products. We offer excellent technical support to our customers and believe in long-lasting healthy business relationships. Take pride in our ability to design and develop products according to the requirement of the customer, that too in quick time. Research and development (R&D) is a continuous process for us. ELWER stands for electricity and water; we remain committed to save both. As we are committed to save electricity and water if you have any special requirement in this field please feel free to contact us.

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